I had thoughts about joining another blog challenge this month, and decided I have too many things to focus my attention on rather than attempt to conjure up words for an entire month.

I need to slowly move through my edits on my second book. There is a lot of energy pulling my attention in too many directions and showing up for my book and my page like that is the best thing I can do right now.

I took myself to the farmer’s market after a beautiful yoga class and decided I needed to turn something over intentionally as well as literally. I bought a replacement succulent.

I have three others that seem to be doing well, but probably need to be transplanted to bigger spaces for more room to breathe. I asked the vendor at the market for a little extra advice, since succulents aren’t typically my thing, and she offered me much needed advice.

My poor lavender is not meant for apartment dwelling these days. I have been in my new place for two months and she was on her last legs, unable to get enough sun in a basement apartment. I took her outside and planted her in the earth where she belongs.

One thing always returns to itself.

Either way, the earth is back home to herself. May she take or give as much that is left in the season of that particular plant.

I do not have a dedicated place to plant seeds or seedlings these days and that ritual was nourishing in such an unexpected way.

May she find her way back to herself in a good way.

I’m brought to a scene from Moana at the end, and I am holding back revealing a particular part, because of how powerful and impactful it was, in case any of the readers haven’t seen the actual movie.

Either way, I am reminded how important it is to have something restored to us that has been taken.

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